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Ballet Shoes


Ballet is the backbone of dance that requires the most discipline. This is the reason that we always offer ballet classes to all age levels. Munchkins get ½ hour of ballet to build their motor skills and balance. If your child is new to dance we always recommend you start here. These classes are very educational and focus on technique and proper body alignment. They are also lots of fun and a great building block for any other types of dance you are interested in taking.


Who doesn't love the sounds taps make on the floor? It just evokes excitement and energy! We love tap too. This is a great way to have fun and get silly on the dance floor. All our munchkins (3-5) get to take a 1/2 hour of tap to help work out all their energy and have a great time. Our older classes get more complicated as you navigate your way through intricate choreography that's just fun.

Tap Shoes


These are some of the most emotional and raw styles of dance. We will challenge you physically and emotionally to connect with the music to tell a story with your movement. We will explore different techniques including Martha Graham style to help you become more aware of your body and the way it moves.​


A cartwheel here or a back handspring there is a sure way to get the audience enthralled. This class will teach our student new ways to move their bodies while still emphasizing safety and control. Be amazed as your child's flexibility and body strength allow them to move with precision and confidence. Adding little tricks to the dance is a great way to enhance any performer's routine.



When you think of production do you think of a Broadway show? Well we do! These classes are all out stage stoppers. Expect to mix different styles of dance to pull off the ultimate production number. With a production number expect props and a good time. These classes tend to be custom fit for the students and are always a blast!

Hip Hop Class

Hip Hop

This latest dance style is taking the dance world by storm. Everyone wants to learn how to move and groove to the energetic hip hop sound. This style of dance teaches students to move with an emphasis on the ups and downs of the beat. Be prepared to be physically challenged while mastering the sharp pop and lock, and contrasting, liquid flowing styles.

Mommy & Me

This mommy and me class consists of stretching, tumbling, and balance which are all geared towards enhancing basic motor skills in toddlers.

Mommy and Me


Jazz combines the elements of ballet and tap. Slow and deliberate or fun, crazy and wild this funky dance style will challenge you to use your body in new ways.

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