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Coming Soon !!!!

Acro Sessions

Starting Monday Jan 9th we will be holding 6 week acro sessions. This is great for the cheerleader or flipping, tumbling kiddo in your life. Progressive teaching to build your child's skills as well as flexibility. 

Acro Sessions 2023.JPG
Dance Cirque Logo.PNG

Ever have dreams of running away with the circus?!?!?
Want to learn how to tumble, juggle and do tricks in the air on Aerial Silks??
Well, our Dance Cirque classes may just be the thing!
Classes to start in February !!
Message or call us for more information. 
Dance Cirque Birthday Parties will be coming soon as well.

Students will learn fundamental skills in aerial silks and juggling scarfs. They will also develop strength through their drills which is then directly transferred into the air. 

Fall Registration is now OPEN!!!!!!!

Existing Families can sign up through the Parent Portal. 
New families please reach out to us so we can get you signed up for classes.

Fall Schedule

2022-2023 JDDS Fall schedule UPDATED.JPG
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